If you’re in your thirties with a happy, healthy family, you’re probably not thinking about life insurance. You’re thinking about double-checking your alarm every night before bed and getting the kids to school on time. Maybe you’re worried about an argument you got in with your spouse when you last went to your supermarket. You’re stressed about money; can you afford to go on vacation? Can you afford to pay for your father’s medical bill?  You’re both wonderfully lucky in your life; you love your spouse and your children. Coming home brings you joy.

Your children and their schedules are your priority. You live within your means; you’re still paying off your student loans on top of a variety of other monthly expenses you never ever imagined would burden you back when you were envisioning your future. Money is what stresses you out the most.  But you always seem to make it work and you don’t foresee any drastic changes that would upset your income. So, do you need life insurance?

Yes! Of course you should consider life insurance as a parent.

1. Financial Stability: If one spouse dies, the surviving partner will be left without a support system. How will they be able to stay in your current home,prepare for the cost of your children’s future,  pay for their  own student loan debt,  and prepare for retirement without the income from your salary? Life insurance is a way of replacing income and thus pays for expenses such as doctor’s visits and even domestic chores around the house.With life insurance, financial stability can be one less thing for you to worry about in case any tragedy falls upon you.

2. Preparation: If you hesitated about getting covered but changed your mind later on, this indecision will cost you. Because premiums are based on metrics of age and your health, buying life insurance almost always results in bigger problems if you wait until you’re older.

3. Live in the Present: Life insurance benefits those are living. Buying life insurance has nothing to do with you and your health.  Should anything happen to you, purchasing life insurance is meant to protect your loved ones by providing financial relief as they carry on their lives. It’s about them. Making this investment is a powerful choice and shows that you care about your family. You can promise their financial security in the future.